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Welcome to Reflective Coach!

I’m Stephen Clements, a PCC-credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), qualified coaching supervisor and coach trainer. Understanding the solitary nature and challenges of our profession, from confronting doubts, finding answers to new situations, and even celebrating progress while maintaining ethical practice and client confidentiality, led me to create Reflective Coach.

Here, we offer a unique space dock for your coaching journey, providing bespoke supervision and mentoring. Drawing inspiration from my love for sci-fi, we provide a safe portal where you can disembark to refuel, resupply and resource yourself, reflecting on your travels and preparing yourself for new adventures.  

Explore our offerings below, and feel free to reach out via the ‘Let’s Talk’ button for any questions or to learn more about whether we’d be a good fit to work together. 

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Have questions? Want to discuss your specific needs?

Coaching Supervision

Have questions? Want to discuss your specific needs?

Coach Mentoring

Coach Mentoring is a required component for those wishing to apply for a coaching credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). A total of 10 hours is required for new credential applications or for renewing an ACC credential. A certain portion can be completed in group format, or fully undertaken one-to-one with a coach mentor.

If you have fully completed an ICF accredited Level 1 or Level 2 coach training programme, the 10 hours of coach mentoring will have already been completed as part of the training programme and separate hours of mentoring will not be required.

We offer a range of coach mentoring services to suit either a blended or fully one-to-one approach for ACC or PCC credential levels.

Have questions? Want to discuss your specific needs?

Free resource: Reflective Cards

Coach Training

If you’re looking to train as a professional coach or build upon your current training, it can be challenging to figure out where to start. Over the last few years, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has redefined and updated what it expects from education providers and defined three programme levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. However, how each education provider will deliver these programmes is vastly different. Ironically, some Level 1 programmes may offer deeper learning and higher quality training than low-cost Level 2 programmes!

When considering which coach training is right for you, consider the following:

  • Experiential vs Theoretical: Theory is essential, but just like learning to play tennis, you can’t play tennis simply by understanding the theory; you need to experience it, practice it and get observation and feedback. Therefore, check how much of the course is experiential versus pure instruction or theory.
  • Coaching Demos: Experiencing and learning from other coaches who may be further ahead in their coaching journeys can also be an important way to learn. Does the training include demos and the change to be coached by a credentialled coach?
  • Past students: Check if they can connect you with past students so you can ask questions about their experience and gain an independent perspective on the training.
  • Is the education provider accredited with the ICF or another reputable coaching body? Less reputable schools may offer misleading wording around accreditation or claim to be accredited by an organisation they created for self-accrediting! Check out any accreditation claims. The ICF, for example, maintains a list of accredited coach education providers.
  • What is the class size? Some schools will focus on going deeper with smaller groups, while others will have larger groups offering a greater variety of backgrounds and experiences. And then others will be so large that you’ll have little time to ask questions or get lost in the crowd.
  • What are the alumni benefits? Once you graduate, what happens next? Does the education provider offer any alumni benefits that can support you as you continue to grow/


Stephen enjoys working as an associate coach trainer with two high-quality education providers whose details are shared below. Click on each image to visit their website to learn more. Both offer high-quality, accredited coach training. Both offerings are similar yet different, and ultimately, it’s about finding the provider and course that works for you. Regardless of which education provider you choose, please ensure it’s accredited with a reputable coaching body such as the ICF, EMCC or AC.